TOTAL BODY WORKOUT is health and fitness for the creatively inclinced. The TBW Jumpstart 30 program will allow you to create the body you desire without breaking the bank with a personal trainer. With a 3-system approach that addresses exercise (strength training and cardio), nutrition, and wellness with an attention to design, TOTAL BODY WORKOUT is the only program you'll ever need for life. No gimmicks, no quick fixes, no magic pills, just a clear and concise road map to life-long health. Our philosophy is guided by the idea of consistent daily practice as preventative care, to decrease the risk of physical and mental illness caused by things within our control: physical activity and nutrition.

Regain control over your life and feel empowered, start today.


About Mylinh Trieu Nguyen

Mylinh Trieu Nguyen is creative director and designer from Los Angeles. She is currently living and working in Philadelphia where she runs STUDIO LHOOQ, a design studio for art, architecture, fashion, and cultural clients worldwide.

TOTALBODYWORKOUT was created to help the creatively inclined learn more about how they can take control of their health through fitness and nutrition. Health is a life long journey that positively effects mind, body AND spirit. It is never too late to change, join today.


MY PERSONAL JOURNEY Growing up "big boned" in a Vietnamese household was not fun. My appearance was always open for discussion. Asian families place a lot of importance appearance and that took a toll on my mental and spiritual well-being. Rather than being greeted by my relatives on holidays, the first thing I'd hear was a remark about my weight, the purity of my skin, the types of clothes I was wearing and so on. I was overweight as a child and in elementary school had developed a number of health problems resulting from it; asthma, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol to name a few. My family doctor urged my mom that if I didn't take care of my weight, these issues could become more severe. So in middle and high school I joined the swim and waterpolo team. Exercising night and day helped me "get skinny", but that didn't change the way I saw or valued myself. I still ate poorly and through puberty developed uncontrollable acne, which was still fodder for my relatives. The sense that I will never be good enough settled in and contributed to a deep seated depression. Only until recently, after going through extensive physical training and doing these fitness competitions have I learned the real value and meaning of living well. Exercise and nutrition are a means to achieving a stable mind and body, both of which are interconnected. I was always taught to focus on things that stimulated my mind, that sports and athletics were unintellectual. The truth is that they are not mutually exclusive. As you exercise you oxygenate your blood, muscles, and organs, including your brain. TOTAL BODY WORKOUT has enabled me to reshift my ideas of what it means to be physically fit and to share my knowledge and understanding of nutrition and exercise.

Competitions were interesting because on the surface they appear to represent the pinnacle of health and fitness. In reality, to achieve these "award winning" model physiques, you have to reduce your body-fat to levels that are biologically unhealthy and even dangerous, especially if you're a woman. To look THAT ripped you have to dehydrate yourself to remove the water between your skin and muscles, which is extremely dangerous considering your internal organs need water to continue functioning.

It's not about having abs or being ripped, it's about achieving a healthy balance of good nutrition and exercise that you can sustain for a LIFETIME.